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My legless fool group of websites are my personal websites, they are not commercial websites, just personal websites and as such, I feel that they should reflect the personality of the owner. I think that my websites should be a fairly unique experience for the viewer and I have put appropriate music on most of the pages to give them ambience. So if my websites do not fit into to your preconceived ideas of how a website should be, then please just accept that my sites are just:

Part of this Legless Fool's Empire Legless hermit style.


Ex Post Facto

Time travel story - Legging it back to the future

(presently the Legless hermit in Thailand)

Yesterday once more

"Welcome to my Ex Post Facto home/website" - John McMiken

Absolutely legless hermit in Thailand and emperor of my domains - John McMiken

Ex Post Facto (After the fact) - Legless before, now Legging it back to the future in Thailand.

New book and some true short stories by John McMiken

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The latest tales/stories/additions on my legless group websites:

The Best Quality Select Web Directory

Phetchomphu my pink diamond Tribute page for a very special person in my life

Legless - short story by Brianna Aisling

The legless King Four King Hell Legless joke.


Ex Post Facto My new novel - Again based in Thailand

This website has mainly been created in preparation for the future release of my current novel 'Ex Post Facto', which in this case means to change the past for a better future / present.

I am sure that all of you reading here now, would like to have the chance to revisit your past to change something that you did or said, that with hindsight now does not make any sense, or caused major problems for you in the future.

For those of you that have read my first book 'Legless in Thailand' I am sure that you can have an educated guess about the direction that my new book will be taking, especially as this time this book being a work of fiction, I am not constrained by actual events as I was with my autobiography even though many of the characters in both stories are the same.

I do enjoy writing this book, it is a good outlet for my inner feelings directed at the person that totally ruined my life. But in this novel, personal retaliation is carried out in such a way, so that the person involved would never really know that anything unusual or life-changing had happened, but it had because it had all been carried out very carefully by me with the aid of advanced knowledge 'Ex Post Facto'

Because most of the characters in this book are the same group that are in my first book 'Legless in Thailand', to appreciate it properly, the character backgrounds and personalities should be understood well. This novel, although being a work of fiction, is in fact a sequel to my autobiography and the story can be followed easily by my existing readers. So before reading this novel, when it is available, it is recommended to be familiar with my first book 'Legless in Thailand' in advance.

 Legless world of words, days and nights


The E-book version of this novel is planned to be available in mid 2012

To buy my 'Legless in Thailand' book now please click on this line

My book Legless in Thailand can be purchased here http://www.redleadbooks.com/leinth.html

The Legless hermitJohn McMiken

Legless fool website - Politics, Religion, Race, Sex

LIT Club

Click on the link below if you wish to see the person that is the main character in both of my books and who turned my whole life upside down.

Heartless, calculating, manipulative Thai bitchThe Thai whore from hell/ The girl that ruined my life

No love anymore Love - The one-way road to ruin, dismay and heartache


A sample from this new Ex Post Facto book can be viewed here

About my first book 'Legless in Thailand'

Pet - My Pink Diamond in Thailand

Reed in Asia Asian Diaries: A step by step account of my life and times in Asia

Ex Post Facto true short stories: Many of my true short stories are here

The Prostheses Foundation of Thailand

St Helens: My home town and the Saints famous rugby league team


About the author

The Blue Diamond Hotel: my favourite watering hole in Penang

British pubs in Bangkok: my favourite watering holes here

Information and sample of Advance Fee Fraud - Nigerian Scam 419

Legless Pics Page: A page of amusing pics for viewing

If you would like to contact the Legless Fool then click on this line or send an email to legless@reedinter.co.uk All emails are dealt with personally, no automated responses here and definitely no spam emails, your details are safe with me and shall not be passed on to anyone else. I personally hate email lists!!


British Ambassador in Asia

Planet of the Gods

Planet of the Gods

My legless blog, my views


Legless recluse HQ To my Legless Fool Headquarters site

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Legless legal rights: All of the contents of this site or any of my other personal websites was written only by me and are my personal intellectual property. I have no affiliations with any other Individuals, Organisations, National, Political or Religious groups either Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or other and all of the contents are from my own personal ideas, thoughts, imagination, design and experiences.

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