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How Malaria met it's Match

Although the fact about me having Cerebral Malaria is mentioned in my book "Legless in Thailand", I decided that this true short story more deeply covers the subject and would be of interest to people and especially the fact that I actually did manage to kill the Malaria in my system.

The story:

Christmas day in Pattaya, Thailand 1996.

I had already booked to have a full Christmas dinner in a British pub that I frequented regularly, not far from Pattaya beach, so at about lunchtime we headed for this pub. The meal went down very well and was delicious, I had had some wine with the meal and I now was just sitting, relaxing, stomach full and drinking beer. I was feeling quite pleased with myself and my lifestyle sitting at an outside table watching people passing by and soaking up the sun. This is something that nobody in England would be doing on Christmas day.

I then got a very strange feeling, a kind of tense pressure working it's way from the back of my neck and travelling upwards, it continued to travel right across the top of my head and eventually stopped on my forehead just above my eyes and nose. Then it started turning into a very bad headache all the way from the back of my neck and across the top of my head. I told Noyna, my live-in girlfriend that I was not feeling very well and I asked her to pay the bill and to get us a taxi to go home. On the way home in the taxi I started getting hot and cold flushes and when we eventually reached home I just went straight upstairs and collapsed on the bed.

I didn't wake up again until the following morning, I still had a quite bad headache so I dug out some paracetamol and took two. I strolled downstairs and sat down at my computer desk, there was no sign of  Noyna so I just switched on my computer and connected to the internet to check my email. I then started with the hot and cold flushes again and whilst I was already connected to the internet, I decided to check my symptoms with a medical website on there to see if I could identify what kind of bug I had picked up and how I could best treat it. I did this with many of the medical websites and they all came up with the same diagnosis Malaria. They all also came up with the same treatment, rest and 300 mg of Fansidar. I didn't believe these sites completely but I am a person that doesn't normally get ill very easily so this was a strange situation for me.

The paracetamol that I had taken, did not seem to have much affect on my headache, so I was just sitting feeling sorry for myself when Noyna came into the house. She had been shopping and buying the groceries and things. She asked me how I was feeling and I replied that I was still feeling very bad, she tried to convince me to go to a doctor or the hospital, but I disagreed. As a rule I hate doctors and hospitals and I just try to take care of myself, so then I had an idea, what if the websites were right? I asked Noyna if there was a pharmacy nearby, she nodded so then I asked her if she could go there and see if she could buy some medicine called Fansidar. This she did and in just about 20 minutes she returned clutching a plastic bag that contained some Fansidar tablets. I quickly took the required amount of these and I then decided to go back to bed as the fever was starting to get the better of me again. I fell asleep quite quickly when I reached my bed and knew nothing again until the following morning.

The next morning I awoke as usual, I went downstairs and put the kettle on. It was whilst I was waiting for the kettle to boil that I remembered what had happened to me over the last couple of days, my head now felt normal and I didn't feel ill any more, the bug that I had before seemed to have gone, I just felt my normal self again. Thinking about it, I thought that it was not Malaria that I had, because I had heard that it was very bad if you had Malaria, I had heard that you went almost delirious and writhed about covered in sweat and whatever I had was gone now, so it must just have been some passing bug. I kept the Fansidar anyway and I just stored them with the other normal medicines in our medicine cupboard.

The Second Attack

Almost one year later on the build up to Xmas, I was in my office/workroom doing my usual computer business, I assembled and made computers and networks to order, custom built. I was just putting the finishing touches to the latest order, setting up the software and utilities when I again felt that strange feeling rising from the back of my neck, this time I knew immediately what it was, it was the return of that bug again but just in case the Fansidar did actually help last time I ran to the medicine cupboard, grabbed some and swallowed them down quickly. My headache increased again and the flushes were starting so I shouted to Noyna that I was finished for the day and going to bed because I was not feeling very well. It was late afternoon when I settled down in bed and I quickly fell asleep. The next thing that I knew it was 7am the following morning, I went downstairs and put the kettle on as usual and felt fine. Whilst I was sitting at my computer and drinking my tea, Noyna came in and asked me how I was feeling, I replied that I was fine, so she went on to ask me what I wanted for breakfast.

After breakfast sitting at my computer again, I decided to look at the medical sites on the internet once more and recheck the results that I had gotten from them almost one year ago. This time I was not preoccupied with pain, so I took my time and read each one carefully and thoroughly, that is when I eventually agreed with their results and knew that I really did have Cerebral Malaria. They stated that this is incurable and occurs every year for the rest of your life but that it can be controlled at the start of each attack by the swift intake of the correct dosage of Fansidar. I knew then that it was the Fansidar that had helped me to recover both times, so I made a point of always carrying some Fansidar tablets with me wherever I was in the future. My Malaria reoccurred regularly every year after that, one time when I had an attack, I went to the hospital just to confirm my self-diagnosis and they confirmed that I really did have Celebral Malaria.

The Cure

A few years later, I was living in Bangkok and helping a friend, David, with his computers for his business in Bangkok. I stayed on his premises, because he had helped me out when my business took a nose dive, so we had become quite good friends. Every morning we would sit and chat together in his office and we would talk about our lives, problems, ambitions and many other things. It was during one of these morning informal chats that he told me that he had a friend named John coming to Thailand soon and that his friend was very interested in meeting me. John arrived about one week later and we introduced ourselves, we sat in David's office and then suddenly John stood up, walked to the door, closed it and locked it. When he sat down again he started talking seriously and started by saying that what he was about to tell me was to remain a secret only to the people in the room and that I must promise never to mention his real name or link him to the product that he was about to introduce me to. This I agreed to in general, but I started wondering what this secrecy was all about.

John explained that he had developed a new, completely natural herbal formula that had already been proven effective against Aids and Cancer and he now needed a subject who had Malaria to finally test the overall effectiveness of this formula and he wanted me to agree to test this. The formula was in liquid form and you just applied it to the skin in any suitable area, I was told that the only chemical used in this formula was something called DMSO, which is short for dimethyl sulfoxide -- an organic, sulfur-rich substance found in the woody part of trees and that this was the medium used to transport the formula through the skin and into the bloodstream. He went on to explain about the secrecy, he was terrified about any of the major drug companies learning about this, because he had something that they could not develop and he was convinced that they would kill him to get their hands on this formula. The formula in question does not attack any disease directly, the way it works is that it supercharges your immune system and gives your body the ammunition it needs to take care of itself more effectively. This sounded marvelous to me and I agreed to be a guinea pig for this venture. The next day, John introduced me to the formula, the dosage to be used initially and how this could be gradually reduced with time, but I was to continue using this formula on a daily basis, not just for a fixed period of time, but for the rest of my life. John said that he would ship regular supplies of his formula to David and that I should just collect what I needed as required. He also asked me to keep a log detailing if I had any illnesses or other strange reactions related to the use of the formula.

At the end of his visit to Thailand, John and I had a few beers in David's office and he reminded me again about the secrecy involved with this and that I should never mention his name to anyone in connection with this. I swore to John that I would never mention his name to anyone in connection to this. He then raised his glass to me in a final farewell and said "I shall see you again at your birthday party" I told him that it was a long time until my birthday and I never have parties for my birthday, to which he replied "I am sure that you will have a party for the birthday I am talking about" "what birthday is that?" I asked a little confused, he just replied "Why! Your 150th birthday" he replied and smiled. I laughed at him then thinking that he was making a joke, but he then went on to say to me, very seriously "This is not a joke, I shall see you there" he raised one of the vials of the formula, winked at me, then said goodbye and left.

I never met John again, which I am sorry about, because his formula eventually saved my life and I would love to thank him personally. I continued using the formula for the next year and a half until I had my motoring accident. The only thing that I really noticed was that I never got colds or any other illnesses again, but I did still have a Malaria attack. Then I had my accident and if it hadn't been for the formula, I would not be alive today.

The accident and subsequent related incidents are covered in my book "Legless in Thailand." I do not want to repeat anything from my book in this true short story.


Having read now all the way to the end of this true story, I am sure that you would like to know if I am now cured of Malaria?

The answer is YES! My last Malaria attack was in September of the year 2003. The formula also cured me of Herpes and saved me when I developed the usually lethal MRSA in hospital after my accident.

The one physical problem that the formula could not prevent, was me losing my leg in the motoring accident.

"Oh well, Such is life!"

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