Legless on Parasite Farm

Another true short story by John McMiken

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This new story on here soon, again set in Thailand by John McMiken



(This story is being written as quickly as my present circumstances permit)

The Story Precis:

This story is about my last encounter with a few of the many bad people that I have met and been associated with in Thailand. Definitely it will be the last story about this kind of situation, because this 'legless fool' is not going to be a fool in Thailand any more, enough now!

This story is about when I was staying on a fruit farm in Northern, Central Thailand. Supposedly, I was invited to stay there to help me to save money, because the farm was owned by the family of a 'friend' and I would not be charged any accommodation fees for staying there at all. Sounds very good doesn't it? It did to me too, I never, ever imagined that I would end up virtually financing a whole farm for more than a year unknowingly, 'Foolishly'.

The Legless fool duped and being a fool again in Thailand!Still being a fool

Still legless in Thailand!

John McMiken (Ian Reed)

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