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Legless before, now legging it back to the future

by John McMiken

'Yesterday once more'

Below is a sample from my Ex Post Facto Novel:


Back again!

For a moment I forgot where I was, but as I looked around me I realised that I was in my favourite watering hole in Bangkok, 'The Ship Inn' a real British style pub in the heart of Bangkok. I looked across the table and saw my son Dougy looking at me very strangely, "What is the problem with him?" I thought to myself, then I remembered what had just taken place and where I had been, unknown to everyone around here including Dougy himself.

My God it worked! I have to admit, I never thought that this would really happen, even though it was what I wanted more than anything else in my life. So here I am at the ultimate point of my endeavors, but had I been thinking about the correct date and time when we did it? I looked across at Dougy and said as nonchalantly as I could "What date is it today?" Dougy replied that it was August 18, I then went on to ask him what year it was, he looked at me even more strangely, then replied that it was 1997, so then I was sure that what we had just done had actually worked. Dougy, still looking at me very strangely said "Dad, are you okay? I thought for a while that you had just had a stroke or something", I thought about it and then replied, again trying to be as nonchalant as possible, That yes, I had a stroke, but it was a stroke of luck. He again looked strangely at me then just shook it off, I guess he was thinking that his Dad was going strange in the head in his old age, or maybe he thought that the beer was getting to me quickly tonight.

I was still so astounded that the Joh Rei session had worked, I was literally speechless trying to let the whole situation sink in properly, how long had I really been "Out of it?" So I said to Doug, that I knew something was not quite right with me tonight, how long had I been acting strange? He replied that, I seemed very quiet and out of it for about 15 minutes. I registered this information in my brain, then tried to act as normal as I could, whilst trying to assimilate myself to the current situation, approximately 15 minutes ago, I had left the year 2006 and I am now back in my physical body 9 years in the past in the year 1997. - John McMiken

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