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This page contains a list of all the webpages on this site, a basic description and links to them, such as Index, Author, Short story, Sample, etc.


Index: Site introduction, about my novel and links

Soulmates: Thai girl dating site

Mandate: Foreign men profile page

Author: Information about the author

Legless: The Prostheses Foundation of Thailand

Legless Pic Page: Some amusing photos to view

Author John McMiken: Again about the author

Sample: The first paragraph from this book

True Short Stories: Index page of all my short stories

Reed Links : Links to my websites and other useful links

The Best Quality Select Web Directory: Quality directory

Visa trip to Penang/Emotional trip to Koh Lanta - May 2008

Short story: Four King Hell

Short: When capital punishment could go wrong - A true story

Penang: Penniless in Penang - A true short story

Parasites: Legless on Parasite Farm - A true short story

Blue Diamond: Good hotel in Penang

Malaria: How Malaria met it's Match - A true short story

Advance fee fraud: Information about Nigerian Scam 419

Bankfraud: True story about Nigerian Scam 419

Jail: Why I was in Jail at the age of sixteen -A true short story

Friendly Fire : Friendly Fire -A true short story

Saints: Information about St Helens and the rugby team

Ex Post Facto Blog: My Legless Blog backup

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Legless HQ To my Legless Headquarters site