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For a long time I never thought about writing these true short stories, because to me they are just memories. It was only when I told people in general conversation about some of the things that has happened to me that I realised that other people were genuinely interested. So I hope you enjoy them too:

My stories:

True short story 1: When capital punishment could go wrong

True short story 2: Collateral damage

True short story 3: Penniless in Penang

True short story 4: How Malaria met it's Match

True short story 5: Why I was in Jail at the age of sixteen

True short story 6: Friendly Fire - The first Gulf War

True short story 7: Visa trip to Penang/Emotional trip to Koh Lanta

Short story: Four King Hell

The Thai whore from hell / About the girl that ruined my life

Legless in Hat Yai True story about being stuck in Hat Yai

Legless in Laos story and information about my trip to Laos

Reed in Asia - Asian Diaries Ian Reed's experiences in Asia

My first published book: Legless in Thailand

My new novel still being written: Ex Post Facto

I have had many extraordinary experiences in my life and I now have a list of more than fifty true short stories to complete, but these I am keeping for a future book that I have planned:
'Ex Post Facto True Short Stories'.

The story below is not one of mine, but was written by a talented young writer that I personally would like to endorse:

Legless - short story by Brianna Aisling

My first published book is below:

Legless book by expat, recluse author John McMiken

LIT Club

Heartless, calculating, manipulative Thai bitch  The Thai whore from hell/ The girl that ruined my life

No love anymore  Love - The one-way road to ruin, dismay and heartache


N.B. - All of the stories on this site are free to read personally, but they are copyrighted and are the
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